CRM to Qudini: Lookup and fetch

It is possible to also surface useful information from your CRM into Qudini. This allows you to provide your team with a fuller picture of the customer including things like their historic purchase history, or other information you may hold on the client. 

Customer Lookup:

A common use-case is that your store staff may want to look up a customers details when adding them to the queue or creating a booking. This helps to ensure you are building an accurate profile of the customer and also saves your team time in filling in additional repeat information. 

We have the ability to integrate with any CRM that provides a search API to lookup records by given fields. Our application has standard interfaces built in which your team then use without them needing to log into the CRM separately. 

CRM Profiles:

When serving appointments or walk-in customers it is useful for your team to have additional information about the customer so you are able to offer a more tailored customer experience. 

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