Quick Complete Appointment and Walk in customers

Occasionally, served customers used to go unmarked and untracked by store teams, and appear as ”no shows”. 

Quick Complete prevents this and improves reporting accuracy. This feature can be enabled at queue level that lets you mark a customer as served without needing to press "serve" and then ”finish” to record the service length.

To ensure your serve time data is accurate, Quick Complete customers are excluded from serve time data.

To enable quick complete on your queues, simply  the permission at queue level wherever you would like this option to be available to servers.

This feature can be used on both the desktop and iOS app via the Quick Complete button on the customer cards as shown below:

When serving a customer using quick complete, you simply press the quick complete icon shown below:

You will then be prompted to select which server to assign the customer to: 

Once these steps are completed the customer will be in a served/completed status against the selected server. This can be done at any time after service whilst the queue is still populated, in order to ensure data is saved.

Please note that using the Quick Complete feature means that customers will be marked as served and completed without any serve time being tracked in the Qudini Analytics dashboard, and so if this is a metric you regularly use we would recommend ensuring that customers are marked arrived and served via the standard process without Quick Complete

Please see below a video overview of this feature which walks through the server journey of using Quick Complete.


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