VoCoVo Integration

VoCoVo communication solutions transform business through the magic of voice. Their hardware headsets allow voice communication between colleagues on the shop floor. 

Qudini's VoCoVo integration allows you to configure voice notifications for new customers. This is ideal for use within a click and collect, or a 'request assistance' environment. 


Obtain an API token from your Vocovo account. You can do this by accessing https://portal.vocovo.com/api/token-management and generating a token. Make sure you have "API feature" enabled for your group (and all its parents) under which you are going to issue your token.

 Login as a merchant owner to your Qudini account. 

Navigate to 'Integrations' then choose 'configure' next to the Vocovo option. (Please ensure this has been enabled by Qudini support first).

Enter the 'notification text' you wish to send. 

Then enter the 'auth token' you obtained. 

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