Integrations - Identifying the customer

Identifying the customer: 

Customers enter their details when creating a booking, and this usually contains identifiable information (e.g name, email address, phone). However matching this with your own system may not be straight forward, and can be error prone if the customer enters a different variant. 

Qudini supports passing an ‘external id’ to the booking and queue process in order to link this interaction to an existing Customer in your own systems.

There are a two main ways this can be done. 

Passing variables: 

Passing Variables to Booking widget: Qudini’s booking widget provides a way to pass basic variables from your own site to the booking widget. Please speak to our support team who can advise on the current supported values as these are being regularly expanded. 

Booking Widget Single Sign on: 

Qudini’s online booking journey supports a Single Sign on process which uses OpenID connect. 

In order to use this feature, you will need to provide an OAuth2/OpenID compatible UserInfo endpoint ( This should return the following customer details using the standard claims. The following claims are currently supported by Qudini: 


The flow is described in Fig 1. The token is passed to our hosted page by adding the query paramaccessTokento the url and passing your access token. Qudini then makes a GET request to your userinfo endpoint with this access token: 

GET https://<your-domain>/oauth2/userInfo

Setup of your userinfo endpoint: 

Login to your admin portal > Booking Widgets > then enable Single Sign On and enter the UserInfo endpoint 

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