Confirm Attendance Email Placeholder

In order to help advisors understand if a customer intends to show up to a pre-booked appointment, you can insert a link into the Booking emails that when clicked will indicate that the customer has confirmed they plan to attend their appointment.

By using the {confirm-url}, a customer can be instructed to follow the URL to confirm they their attendance prior to the appointment start time.

Go to the Merchant Level Settings > Customisations > Booking Email

Select the Email you wish to edit, or create a new template. Then open the Text Editor panel and insert the placeholder: {confirm-url}


When a customer receives the email, this is what they see, which matches the template (with the placeholders replaced with the relevant text):

Clicking on the link then takes them to the relevant page, allowing them to cancel or reschedule the booking too. It also provides them with a booking reference. This is what the customer sees:

Staff View

The above shows what the journey looks like for the customer. Once they have done all this, naturally this will then have an impact on the staff and the view they receive.

As is shown in the below screenshot (with the red outline), there is a green tick. This shows the server, that this customer has confirmed the booking. 

You can also see this within the Customer Details:

The server can then continue with the serving process as normal, they now just have more information about the customer they will be serving.

This is the process of using this placeholder from start to finish. If you still have further questions after reading this. Please reach out to us: 

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