Measuring Booking Campaigns

In order to drive bookings you may run campaigns via multiple means such as emails, social media or paid advertising. 

Qudini makes it easy to measure the success of these campaigns by tracking where the booking originated.

UTM Parameters: 

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a way to pass parameters to the booking widget containing the campaign, medium and source. You can read more about this and easily generate compatible links via :

Campaign Name:

The shared name of the campaign that the link was a part of. This could be shared across channels. 

Use product names or product descriptions. This is also the parameter we recommend for applying advanced UTM naming conventions.

Example: utm_campaign=product-launch


The website or platform that the visit came from.

Use google, facebook, email platform name such as sendgrid or autopilot or mailchimp. 

Example: utm_source=activecampaign


The type of marketing channel your visit came from

Use social, display, email, cpc, or similar. So words that repurpose the default channel categories in Google Analytics. This will save you time and effort, because your UTM data will then work with analytics platforms out of the box even more.

Example: utm_medium=social-cpc

So if you were to send out an email to all of your VIP customers offering them a chance to book, the 'click here to book' button may have the following link: 

Whereas a link on social media via a targeted ad might be :

The data will then show as follows in the Booking Widget Analytics: 

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