Product Update 2021 - Occupancy queue changes

Mobile App Performance Improvements

This year we’ve improved our tablet’s performance.

We recommend that you update as early as possible to Version 4.3.8

Links to the apps can be found here:

Play Store

App Store

If you are using an MDM, you may also find this helpful:

Guide to using Qudini App config with an MDM

As of 19th July, Qudini will no longer be supporting versions earlier 4.3.6.

Interface Improvements for Desktop and Mobile

  • Desktop Update due: 19th July 2021

  • Mobile App Update due: late-July 2021*

*will become available as an App update

We made some UX and UI improvements that make our Desktop and Mobile app easier to use, which beta users and new clients have already been using for nearly 5 months. These changes will become default within our next app launch at the end of July.

The main purpose of these changes is to:

  • Bring more information to the main Queue interface

  • Give users easier access to key actions with fewer clicks

  • Only show relevant information on each interface

You’ll also see in the “Other improvements to the Desktop application” below, we are removing unnecessary pages in order to bring information into a cleaner experience.

Occupancy queue

Learn more about these changes

We’ve made changes to all of our Queues interfaces, so if you wish to see all of the details:

Other improvements to the Desktop application

History page will be moving

VIDEO: See how history will be changing here

This functionality will soon be added to the Store Team App for mobile devices.

We will be putting a notice at the top of this page to let users know this.

Summary page to be removed

VIDEO: See how the Summary will be changing 

We’ll also be removing our “Summary” tab.

We’ve listened to our users and have added an updated queue dropdown to make it easier to see important info at a glance.

We will be putting a notice at the top of this page to let users know this.

Old “Stats” tab to be removed

Update due: late-August 2021

Now that we’ve created our advanced dashboards in the “Analytics” tab, we’ll be removing the old “Stats” pages. We’re looking for any feedback on essential useful graphs that exist in the stats pages that need to be rebuilt in the “Analytics” page. Please contact with any screenshots of graphs that are essential for you to see.

We will be putting a notice at the top of this page to let users know this.

Dashboard Controls

Available: now

You now have the ability to control which Analytics Dashboards your users see.

VIDEO: See how to change those settings here.

Support article can be found here.

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