How to create and manage Venue tags

Venue tags are used to group venues within Qudini so if you have a large number of venues, they can easily be managed and organised. Tags are also important as they allow you to group venues within Analytics, making it easier than selecting individual venues one by one.

Creating Venue Tags

Before applying a Venue Tag, it must be created within the Merchant, it will then become available for use across all venues.

Navigate to Merchant Admin > Merchant Details

Within the Tags section, you will see the option to create new tags or manage the existing ones.

Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the Merchant Details page before navigating away from this settings page.

Applying Venue Tags

Tags can be applied when creating a new venue:

Or you can manage tags for existing venues by selecting a venue then going to Venue information > Venue Details, where you will find the Venue Tags field for the selected venue:

Using Venue Tags in Analytics

Tags will appear in Analytics once they have been applied to an active venue. This might take some time before they appear within the filter section of the Analytics pages:

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