Booking Widget Query Parameters

The Qudini Online Booking Interface has a range of Query Parameters that provide additional flexibility when linking to the Booking widget from your website:

Query Parameter



Prevents the booking widget from requesting the user's location services.

If you are deep linking past the Qudini Booking Widget store finder page and do not need to know the user's location. e.g. for a virtual appointment.


Hides the Header (logo and top banner section) and Footer (T&C's and privacy link section) of the Booking Widget.

If you are iFraming the Booking Widget onto your website and do not wish to show the configured logo or T&C link.

//IETF BCP 47 language tag (e.g. en: English, es: Spanish, fr: French)
Forces Booking Widget to display a specific language and hides the option to choose a different language.

If you need to prevent users from switching between language settings.

//string (venues/products)


Directs the user to a specific venue product page, and hides the Back Arrow navigation option 
This can also be used in conjunction with from products:



Prevents users from being able to change or select a different product or venue.

If you are directing a customer to a specific venue or product, without allowing them to be able to change their product or venue during the booking process.


Applies a string/number to the customer record which can then be displayed on the customer tile within the Qudini staff app.

If you want the staff member to be able to see the order number of a customer at a glance on the Customer Tile within the Qudini store team app.

This is particularly helpful to allow staff to find items online orders online for click & collect.

It also means the customer does not need to find and enter their order number when booking an appointment.



Allows you to link directly to a specific venue using the Store Id (rather than the Venue Id which is generated by Qudini)



If you want to direct a user to a specific store without needed to use the Qudini Venue Id. 



Allows you to pass Google Analytics-related identifiers or parameters into the user's booking session.

Note: All Query Parameters use camelCase

Query Parameters can also be combined using the '&' symbol and removing the '?' of the added parameters.

E.g. "/venues/?embedded=true&lang=en&location=false"

Learn more here: What is a Query Parameter


Pre-fill Customer Details

Qudini also allows you to pass the customer details directly from the Booking URL using query parameter. A guide on how to do so can be found here:

Feeding Customer Details into the Online Booking Widget

Answers Customers Questions

Qudini also allows you to pass the responses to Customer Questions through the Booking URL. A guide on how to do so can be found here:

Feeding Question Answers into the Online Booking Widget

Booking Confirmation Event

Our booking widget is now able to send custom events when a booking is made. So that we can track analytics of bookings in your site which Qudini is iframed into if you have something like Adobe Analytics.

customMessageSender: "Qudini",     
schedulingType: "Appointment",     
analyticsEvent: "Confirmation",
analyticsData: {
   "customerIdentifier": "cd915**************0371a"

When a customer reschedules their appointment you can now collect that information from the same event mechanism as above.

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