Customer Details and Customer Questions & Answers API

Every appointment booking in Qudini will be given a long format identifier:

Example: c8df43a9f3ae844258dbba010bb77fa6d

This identifier will be unique to the customer’s booking appointment, but it is not unique to the customer. Within Qudini, we map a UUID to a customer if we are able to detect multiple appointment booking for one customer:

Learn more about how Qudini recognises repeat customers here

Customer booking{customerDetails.identifier}

If you are using a different VPC ( or etc) you’ll need to adjust the URL above to suit your needs.

   "customerDetails": {
       "averageWaitForQueue": 0,
       "bookingMeetingUrl": null,
       "bookingRescheduleUrl": "",
       "customerInQueue": {
           "bookedServer": null,
           "bookingEndTime": "2021-04-17T10:00:00.000-07:00",
           "bookingStartTime": "2021-04-17T09:00:00.000-07:00",
           "collectingServer": null,
           "currentPosition": null,
           "customer": {
               "bookingRef": "UOKW2127",
               "createdBySystem": null,
               "groupSize": 1,
               "id": 2006553,
               "language": {
                   "isoCode": "en",
                   "name": "English"
               "name": "Testresch Tesc",
               "orderNumber": null,
               "ticketNumber": "A005",
               "title": null
           "expectedTime": "2021-04-17T09:00:00.000-07:00",
           "hasBeenSentReturnMessage": false,
           "id": 1866990,
           "isBookingConfirmed": false,
           "isFixed": true,
           "lastUpdateTime": "2021-04-16T11:36:07.000Z",
           "minutesRemaining": "1455",
           "product": {
               "averageServeTimeMinutes": 60,
               "colour": null,
               "iconId": 73,
               "id": 129,
               "name": "Some product I want"
           "timeRemaining": "1455mins"
       "customerLeft": null,
       "customerServed": null,
       "identifier": "c8df43a9f3ae844258dbba010bb77fa6d",
       "isLast": false,
       "queue": {
           "id": 5465,
           "identifier": "tp1nd",
           "minWaitTimeMinutes": null,
           "name": "Appointments",
           "venue": {
               "id": 1236,
               "isBookingEnabled": true,
               "isWalkinEnabled": true,
               "location": {
                   "address1": "Store first line of address",
                   "address2": "180 University Ave",
                   "address3": null,
                   "address4": null,
                   "country": "United States of America (USA)",
                   "googleMapMarkerLink": url,
                   "locality": "Palo Alto",
                   "postcode": "CA 94301",
                   "region": null
               "name": "Palo Alto -test",
               "phoneNumber": null
       "queueLength": 6,
       "state": "BOOKING",
       "venueOpeningHours": [
               "date": "2021-04-16",
               "openingHours": {
                   "endHours": 20,
                   "endMinutes": 0,
                   "startHours": 8,
                   "startMinutes": 0
   "status": "ok"

This API is what we use to populate the Weblink which can be customised to show a customer information about their position in the virtual queue or upcoming bookings. As well as ask customers a set of Customer Questions.

For example, a customer may be send a link like this in their confirmation SMS or Email:{customerDetails.identifier}

Which is often shorten by Qudini to be:{smallerId}

Example link:

If you have Customer Questions enabled, they can also be presented to the customer using this API, upon submitting responses to questions, the answers can be extracted using this API.

Customer Answers{customerDetails.identifier}/answers

       "id": 451536,
       "text": "In-store",
       "number": null,
       "dateTime": null,
       "list": null,
       "question": {
           "id": 36
       "id": 451537,
       "text": "sdf",
       "number": null,
       "dateTime": null,
       "list": null,
       "question": {
           "id": 65
       "id": 451598,
       "text": "No",
       "number": null,
       "dateTime": null,
       "list": null,
       "question": {
           "id": 89

Further information about our APIs can be found here:

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