Analytics Dashboards Access

We have added a new page to provide the ability for Merchant Owners to show/hide which Analytics Dashboards are accessible from a Merchant Admin or Venue Admin level. 

This provides greater flexibility in tailoring what is most important to see, especially in cases where only some Qudini solutions and features are being used therefore other dashboards visible may not be relevant to head office or stores.

By default, the Analytics Dashboards have been set to show/hide on Qudini recommendations that head office or their stores would most benefit from.

Setting an Analytics Dashboard to OFF (hide) for a Merchant Admin will automatically set it to OFF for a Venue Admin. You will then be prevented to turning it ON (show) for a Venue Admin unless it has been set to ON for a Merchant Admin.

Please get in contact with your account manager who can share a pack showing which dashboards we have to help you think about when considering which dashboards to turn show/hide.

You can see a brief demonstration of the feature on 

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