Managing Server only Calendar Permissions

With the newly introduced Server only Calendar, we have also provided the ability to manage their permissions with the Calendar. We have provided the flexibility to be read-only or allow to create/edit their availabilities and even cancel bookings.

Server only Calendar permissions can only be modified by using Venue Users V2 and will only appear if the user role is Server only. Any Server role combination i.e. Server & Concierge will not show the permissions.

By default the Server only calendar permissions are:

  • Create / Edit Walkin Availability = ON
  • Create / Edit Booking Availability = OFF
  • Cancel Bookings = ON

The Server only Calendar permissions will also only show on a configuration basis outlined below:

  • Create / Edit Walkin availability = Server queue has 'Walk-ins' enabled in Queue Details and 'Always available' is NOT selected
  • Create / Edit Booking availability = Server queue has 'Bookings' enabled in Queue Details and 'Generic booking availability' is NOT selected (Staff booking availability only)

Future improvements:

Cancel Bookings permission to also be applied for Queues page

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