Using App Config with an MDM

Requires Version 4.3.6 of Store Team App

App Config is a standard used by Mobile Device Management (MDM) and supported by both Apple and Android. This allows you to configure settings that applications can use. 

Details of MDM services supporting App Config can be found here: The documentation here is based on Meraki MDM, however the same principles apply for all MDM services. We recommend referring to your own MDM documentation or their support on how to rollout a configuration. 

Qudini supports App Config for our 'Store Team' app. This allows you to pre-set the base url, and the SSO key for users. 

Key DescriptionExample
base_urlThis sets the base url for all users. When this value is set within AppConfig, it will no longer be possible to change the in the app.
sso_keyIf you use SSO, this will pre-set the SSO key to save users needing to remember or enter it. mycustomssokey

Example settings from Meraki MDM: 


  • App Config only works when the app is managed by MDM. If the app has been installed separately from MDM then you will need to ensure your MDM service is able to 'manage unmanaged' apps. 
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