Feeding Question Answers into the Online Booking Widget

You can answer Customer Questions by feeding through the responses as a query parameter. This also hides any configured questions that are already answers so that the customer is not asked the questions again as they go through the online booking process.

As an example:

If you are a technology retailer, and you wish to allow your customers to book a device in for a repair or service. Then your website might already have information about a customer's already previously device within their account, such as the Device Serial Number and Warranty. If you link the customer to the Online Booking Widget, you can prompt the customer to supply that information as they proceed to book. But that might not be the best user experience if the customer needs to enter that information on your site and on the booking process.

However using the the method outlined below, you could configure those questions and pass the corresponding values to any given booking without needing to ask the customer for that information. In this example, you could ask the customer to select a device from a list of their purchases, your site and then pass everything needed for the appointment to take place into the Qudini Booking Widget, and the Questions will be hidden from the booking process for the customer.

How to feed Question Answers

Qudini will expected an encoded URI of an encoded base 64 JSON string:


The JSON is a collection of questionId as key and question answer as value:

{"[questionId]": "string"}

The question ID can be obtained by our questions API. Or requesting this from support@qudini.com

There’s a limit to the size of the query param which is 2000 characters. That’s a browser hard limit.

This should then be passed to the booking widget via a query string qa. 

For example:


decodes to 


When the answers are passed to our booking page, the corresponding questions are hidden from the user but passed during the create booking process and stored with the customer record. 

As customer questions are configurable and subject to change, you should be aware of what will happen under different scenarios where Questions and Answers are being passed through the URL:


Outcome / Behaviour

Full set of Questions and Answers fed into booking URL.
• "Your Visit" page is hidden.

• Booking is created, answers are successfully applied to the customer questions.
Partial questions and answers fed into booking URL.
• Displays the only questions that aren't answered to the customer.

• Answers that are provided are successfully applied to the customer questions when booking is created.
Questions are fed through, but no answers fed into booking URL.
• Displays the questions that aren't answered to the customer.
Feeding an answer through to a wrong question type. I.e. Feeding a Yes/No Radio Button Question type with a Text String.
• "Your Visit" page is hidden - so it behaves as though it's answered.

• Booking is created, answers are successfully applied to the customer questions.

• Qudini will force a wrong answer type: e.g. a string into a Radio button or Number field.

• It will still show in the app as the string you fed through the URL.
Feeding an AFTER JOINING QUESTION to the booking URL.
The After Joining Question is not answered.

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