Managing appointment bookings using the Queue and Calendar

Creating and Managing appointment bookings

This video covers how to use the Queue page to:

  1. Create and manage appointment bookings
  2. Assign, Serve and Finish appointments

Setting Up Booking Availability

In order to create and assign appointment bookings in Qudini, a Venue must have Booking Availability set up.

There are two types of booking availability, Staff Availability and Generic Availability (learn more about the different availability types here), depending on which type of availability you are using, you can follow the links below to see how to set your store up with Booking Availability.

Setting Staff booking availability

Managing Generic Availability

Navigating the Queue

When you first log into Qudini, you'll be taken to the Queue page where you'll see all you appointment bookings on the left side and all the available advisors on the right side.

By default this will show you all of the customer bookings for today, but you can search and move between dates using these options:

Customer Tile

Finishing an appointment

Customer Details

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