Go Instore integration

Go Instore provides a video service for retailers to quickly connect their customers with their teams for product demos and sales. 

The integration allows bookings via Qudini's appointment booking platform to generate an appointment within Go Instore. 

Note: This can only be used with Staff availability as we are required to send the user to Go Instore to be assigned a video link. If you need generic availability then generic user accounts will need to be created which will then have availability assigned to them 


You will need to first have this feature enabled by Qudini and Go Instore. Please speak to your account manager or contact support if you are interested to use this feature. 

Go Instore will provide you with the relevant details you need to enable your account. 

Go Instore can be configured from Integrations > Video Integrations. 

First, click Link account: 

Next enter the details provided by Go Instore: 

Base URL: This is usually https://gis.goinstore.com which is the main environment for Go InStore. This should only be changed if you have been given an alternative URL.

Join URL: This is the first part of the URL which a customer is sent for their bookings. Usually, this will be a page hosted on your own site. E.g https://mygreatcompany.com/myproduct

Note: that Qudini automatically adds ?gis_meeting={bookingRef} to this URL, so there is no need to add this. 

API Key: This will be provided to you by Go Instore.


Once configured you can then choose which products should generate a video link. 

You can also configure the title and description that will show inside the Go Instore App:


Once enabled. All customer bookings which are booked to a specific advisor will have a Go Instore meeting link created, as long as that advisor's email matches that of a user in your Go Instore account. 

You can configure the customer-facing emails and SMS to contain the Go Instore link by using the placeholder {booking-meeting-url} in the SMS or Email templates. 


A customer received a link but this didn't show in the Go Instore app 

At present, the integration doesn't provide feedback from Go Instore to Qudini if an advisor is no longer available after a booking was created. Ensure that you update the booking inside Qudini ensure it is linked to the correct advisor.

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