Custom HTML booking emails

If you prefer to create your own Appointment Booking or Event Booking emails in order to fully customise the design and content of your emails, Qudini allows you to input custom HTML code as within Email Templates.

Navigate to Customisations > Booking Email

Then create or edit a Email Template and enable Use Custom HTML.

This will reveal a Code Editor option where you can input your email HTML for the different types of email (Confirmation, Reminder, Cancellation, Change, Post Visit). You'll also see a list of available placeholders that can be used when composing your HTML. These are the same placeholders that can be used in the standard Qudini email template.

Please note:

Custom HTML code Booking emails and Event emails fall outside the scope of our support. This means that we’re unable to help with creating, managing, or troubleshooting any issues within any HTML emails.

Input your HTML and click Save.

The email preview will update but you'll need to click Save Changes to publish your email and make them accessible within the Booking or Events Settings. 

Enabling the Use Custom HTML setting for an Email Template will disable the Customise and Links settings tabs as these options are overridden by the Custom HTML content. However you'll still be able to configure the Text setting tab.

Within the Text settings tab is where you can configure the email subject line for each email type.

Using Text Content Placeholders

If you want to make your email copy easy to change without needing to edit the HTML code, or if you're using multiple languages within you Qudini configuration and do not want to hardcode lanuages. You can use Text Content Placeholders that within your HTML. The Text Content Placeholder will be replaced with the copy that is configured under the Text settings for each email type.

Available Text Content Placeholders:

{footerContent2} {footerCancel}

The text settings also support HTML and will be passed through the Text Content Placeholders when the email is sent to give you additional flexibility and control of your email look and feel.

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