Kiosk Types

When setting up web-kiosks URLs for customers to visit and then submit their details to join the virtual queue, it can be difficult to manage URLs for every store. Especially if you are using the Qudini-generated Kiosk ID to formulate the web-kiosk URL. Venues can also have multiple kiosks set up within them which makes this task that much harder.

With Kiosk Types you can select which kiosk to use within a venue when creating the URLs without needing to know the Kiosk ID. This also means you can use the Store Id as part of the URL so managing and creating URLs is easier.

The Store Id is  a configurable field within a Qudini Venue that you can use to align your internal store/location/venue/site/branch identifiers with those within Qudini.


1. Go into Customisations > Kiosk Interface

2. Within the Kiosk Types section, type a Kiosk Type name and click Add Type.

Each Kiosk Type must be unique name, this will form part of the URL used for web-kiosks as a query parameter:


Once the Kiosk Type is created, you can assign to new or existing Kiosks within a venue.

3. Select a Venue > Devices > Kiosks > Double click the relevant Kiosk.

4. You can then assign the Kiosk Type to the kiosk

Note: As the Kiosk Type is used for directing customers to a specific Kiosk within a Venue. You can only assign an individual Kiosk Type to one kiosk per Venue. You can have multiple types within the same Venue.

With this Kiosk assigned this will not break any existing Web-Kiosk URLs that you have actively in use for that Venue.

New Web Kiosk URL

Now that you have the Kiosk Type configured to the kiosks inside Venue(s), you can then pass the Store Id into the Web-Kiosk URL and select the kiosk:


Store Id's are configured under the Venue Details section within a Venue:

Select Venue > Venue Information > Venue Details.

Store Id's are displayed under the Venues section.

Finally, you will need to pass in the Merchant Id for your Qudini environment, as well as your Qudini domain.

Both of which can be found by looking at the URL of your Merchant Settings page:

Now you will be able to construct the web-kiosk URL with the following parameters:


With all of these being passed into the site, you will have an active Web-Kiosk:{kiosk_type}&storeId={id}&domain={url}&merchantId={num}

Passing an Order Number to the Web Kiosk URL

If you have a use-case whereby you wish to collect a customer's Order Number when joining the virtual queue, you can also pass the Order Number into the Web Kiosk URL.

For example, when a customer receives an order confirmation email, it could contain a link to click upon the customer's arrival at store for collection. Using the Kiosk Type as described above we can use the orderNumber query parameter:{kiosk_type}&storeId={id}&domain={url}&merchantId={num}&orderNumber={customerOrderNumber}

The Order Number for the customer will then be passed into the Order Number field in the Customer Details section of the web kiosk:

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