Threshold Alerts

Qudini has the ability to notify Advisors in-store and at merchant level users if a threshold has been exceeded. For example you may wish to enable users to receive a notification if the average wait time in a queue extends beyond a limit so a manager or additional staff have support that area.

To access Threshold Alerts, select a Venue and navigate to > Settings > Threshold Alerts.

If this area does not show any settings or they are restricted to you. Please speak to your Qudini Account manager or log a support request here.

1. Click Add + in the top right corner.

2. Select an Alert from one of the options.

3. Enter the Threshold criteria for the Alert. For example if you selected Queue Time (greater than) (minutes), the Threshold criteria to input would be the number of minutes the queue wait time needs to be greater than to trigger the alert. If you added 5 as the criteria, the queue wait time would need to exceed 5 mins before the alert is triggered.

4. Select a Queue that the threshold is related to.

5. Select the Alert Type (SMS, Email or Nofitication)

6. Select Who to Notify

        • You can select Merchant Level users as well as Venue level users.

        • If you are using Email or SMS Alert types, you will need to ensure that the recipient users have their phone number and email address applied to their accounts.

7. Add a Notification Time - this is how frequently you wish the notification to recur. 

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