2-way Calendar Sync - Office 365 setup

Qudini has the ability to connect to multiple calendar providers. This will provide a 2 way synchronization to read the 'availability' of your users calendars, and optionally to push bookings back to your users calendars. 

Qudini only fetches the 'busy/free' information from your calendar, so any confidential information in your calendars is never fetched. We just know the times that you are not available and use this block out these times in your booking availability. 

The setup process differs slightly for each calendar provider, however the general process is that a user will link their calendar account using a secure OAuth (or similar) flow to ensure that Qudini is able to securely synchronize the calendar without needing the user credentials 

To enable this service please speak to your account manager who can enable access for you. 

Select your calendar service within the user profile page:

Accept the terms and conditions:

Qudini uses 'Cronofy' as a provider to manage our calendar integrations

Accept permissions within your calendar service:

Office 365 requires the following permissions

Note: Your office administrator may have prevented you from connecting to third party apps. 

Administrators can allow their users to connect by visiting the following link depending on which Qudini environment you are connected to: 

USA https://app.cronofy.com/oauth/authorize/admin/office365?client_id=DFY1hJGZgvbjUvMAxnDaxr5NINyuRLE8
EU https://app-de.cronofy.com/oauth/authorize/admin/office365?client_id=p7Offf-fhmkjd6DPqxUNByYTdvXgIRqE


Manage their user preferences:

Users can then manage which of their connected calendar should be used to read availability from. And which one to push booking back to. 

You can read from multiple, but only write to one calendar. 

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