What does Qudini do with IP addresses of customers using booking appointments?

Qudini does not track the exact location of a customer when they use our Online Booking Pages. When a customer lands on the Booking Widget, the site will ask for location permissions only to allow Qudini to find the nearest store automatically, however this information is not stored against the customer.

The IP address of a customer is used to perform an IP to Geo lookup, Qudini does record the broad region (e.g. London) against the customer, but then discards the IP address so it cannot be retrieved. So for example we know that 20 customers from the London region tried to make a booking, but we don't know that a customer (John Smith from 35 Kingsland Road) made an appointment booking. 

For more information about Qudini's commitment to privacy and data security, you can visit: https://www.qudini.com/privacy-policy/

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