FAQs for store colleagues using Qudini Occupancy Management

What if I can’t log in?

If you’re not able to log in, or have tried to log in too many times and your account has been locked. You should contact your company’s service desk or internal support channels. Unless there is a direct contact that you have been provided with when Qudini was first set up in your store.

If you can log in on a desktop browser but not on the mobile apps:

This is likely because you need to update your app's URL before you can log in:

Changing your apps URL

What happens if I mark someone as a Walk Out?

It’s good practice to keep the queue flowing, so if a customer has been sitting at the top of the queue for some time and there are customers waiting then having a customer taking up the 1st/2nd place in the queue may be preventing other customers from getting the callback notification.

Depending on the speed of the queue and the number of other customers waiting, it’s a good idea to (after a short grace period) mark the customer as a Walk Out and they will disappear from the queue.

The customer will see they have been removed from the queue if they view their Queue Position Tracker page. There will be a message instructing them that they have missed their turn and will need to rejoin the queue.

The customer may return to the store/dept. and ask why they were removed. At this point, we recommend that you inform the customer that as there is a virtual queue with customers waiting, you needed to keep the queue progressing and that they will need to rejoin the queue.

Depending on the reaction of the customer, it might be necessary to allow the customer directly in the store/dept. as soon as a slot becomes available. Then add them into the occupancy directly, rather than adding them to the virtual queue.

What do I use the notes field for?

The notes field is useful to keep a short note about the customer for later reference. If your store/dept. is quite busy and hard to track which customer is which. You can use the notes field to create a brief note about the customer so you can later identify them.

This is particularly useful when the customer does not want to provide a name when being added to the virtual queue.

Caution: The contents of the notes field is not shared or visible to the customer. However, it is important to only make notes that are inoffensive and anodyne. This is just in case the customer is able to see what you type about them or if they happen to see the tablet/device interface.

What happens to customer data?

Qudini is a software provider to offer customers the option to queue virtually and booking online appointments. Qudini only uses data it collects for online or in-store appointments so they can send email and SMS communications to customers about their appointments. Qudini does not keep your personal information for longer than deemed necessary, so once your appointment is over Qudini deletes your data so it cannot be shared or sold.

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