Multi venue users / advisors

Multi venue users allows you to allocate a user to multiple venues (stores) so they can switch between them when logging into Qudini. This can be useful if you have staff members that need to be able to switch between more than one store, or to provide temporarily access to a store to a user.

A user will have a 'Main Venue' which their account was created in. To give access to another venue:

1. Go into Admin > Venue Users and click Edit on the user.

2. Click the Venues tab.

3. Search and select a Venue

4. Click Request Access

You'll now see the requested store in the list below of Authorised Venues with a Pending status next to it.

This means a request has been sent to the selected venue to accept the user as an authorised staff member to log into their store. This is to prevent any users accidentally accessing the wrong stores or signing into the newly selected store without the manager being made aware of the new user in their store.

Requests are automatically approved if access has been conducted by a Merchant Owner, Venue Manager or Support Manager role.

Requests are not automatically approved if the Venue Manager or Support Manager has limited venues set and they are conducting multi-venue access for a venue they do not have access to.

Authorising a request

The next section outlines how an Admin in the Requested Venue can accept the request.

1. Go into Admin > Venue Users and click Edit on the user. You can identify with users have a pending request by the ! next to their name.

2. Then click Authorise Access.

3. Then navigate the Queue tab

4. To assign the required roles and select the queues the queue will need.

5. Then click Save.

The new user will then be able to login and select from the Venues that they have been granted access to.

Switching Venues

Once you are logged in as a Multi Venue user and selected a venue, you can switch to another store by going to the Menu > Switch Venue option.

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