How does the 'repeat visit' or 'loyal customer' tracking work?

When adding a customer or creating a booking, Qudini will attempt to match the customer to a previous visit within your merchant. It does this by performing a search of all previous visits for the phone number and email address entered by the customer. Of course without these details being added by the customers Qudini will not be able to look up previous visits.

What if I have Sensitive Data Mode enabled:

The phone numbers and email addresses for previous visits are removed completely from Qudini after a specified period. If, for example, your organisation's sensitive data mode setting is set to delete customer data after 30 days, and the same person visits multiple times within 30 days of the first visit then Qudini can link these customer visits. If there is more than a 30 day gap, Qudini will not be able to link them to a previous visit.

Qudini will also create a linked customer record when a customer transaction is converted to another one. E.g. when booking a follow up, or adding a customer back into the queue again, during or after service. This can be done without using personal data as the system creates a universally unique identifier (UUID) that links these customers together.

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