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Occupancy Queue 


The occupancy queue interface shows customers on the right and store occupancy on the right. This enables you to define the capacity of your physical space and to track occupancy against it by updating your customer tally counter and by managing walk-in and appointment customers from your queue into the physical space.

Available on IOS and Android tablet and smartphone.

Occupancy queue on tablet

How it works:

  • Walk-in and appointment customers waiting to enter a store/space are shown on the left-hand side.
  • The right hand side shows the store’s capacity and current occupancy against that capacity. Store teams can easily add and remove customers into the store capacity to track the number of customers in the space (like you might use a handheld metal tally counter).
  • Customers can also be automatically added and removed from the occupancy tracker via integration with footfall counting devices.
  • When “Enter” is pressed next for a walk-in and appointment customers (either via a store team member or through the customer checking themself in from their device) they are moved from the left hand side of the queue and their group size is accounted for within the store occupancy tracker on the right side.
  • Customers joining the queue remotely can be told to join the queue or enter store straight away based on whether there is capacity.

Key use cases:

  • Store entry/admission to a space or experience, particularly in cases where you want to track occupancy levels and you don’t need to track what customers do or who serves them within the store.

Occupancy on tablet - walk-in swipe actions

Occupancy queue on mobile

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