Best Practice - Which Queue? - Waitlist Queue (also used for C&C)

Waitlist Queue 


The waitlist queue interface shows waiting customers and upcoming appointments on the left and served/processed customers on the right. This enables you to build a waitlist of customers waiting for service or to collect orders and to manage them through your tailored workflow (button action titles are customisable).

Available on desktop browser, IOS and Android tablet and smartphone.

Desktop interface

How it works:

  • Walk-in and appointment customers waiting for service are shown on the left-hand side. The buttons next to each customer can have customized titles to enable flexibility for multiple use cases and customer journeys, with it being possible to mark customers as “served” when someone starts to look for their order, when their service starts or when they return to store and “finished” when their order has been found or they are let in to the service.
  • Once marked as finished the customer moves to the right-hand side of the screen where they can be seen alongside the time since “Finish” was pressed. Here buttons with customisable labels enable you to indicate a positive service completion (such as “Collected” or “Completed”) or a negative service completion (such as “No show”, ”Cancelled” or “Removed”
  • Customers stay on the right-hand side until a configurable auto clear timing.

Key use cases:

Curbside / Contactless Order Collection Scenarios.

Customer repair / personalisation services.

Waitlists to manage customers wanting to enter the store or receive service where service availability is not defined by the number of advisors and/or you don’t want to specifically track who served who and how long it took.

Tablet interface

 Smartphone interface

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