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Service Queue 


The Retail/Service Queue interface shows customers on the left and staff activity/resource availability on the right. This enables you to manage the queue and appointments and then to track your customers whilst they are in service with a member of staff or using an amenity. enabling you to view staff members serving customers

Available on desktop browser, IOS and Android tablet and smartphone.

Desktop interface

How it works:

  • Walk-in and appointment customers are shown on the left-hand side, while the store team available to serve them are shown on the right-hand side.
  • Customers in the queue or with upcoming appointments can be managed and assigned across to the advisors available to serve them either by a central host/concierge or by a store team member accessing the “my customer” page on their own device.
  • Once assigned to a store team member you can see how long the customer interaction has taken. 
  • The right hand side also enables you to shop floor manage colleague’s locations, availability and break times.

Key use cases:

Customers walking in or booking appointments for service with staff where you want to record who served them and how long it too. Or for other services/experiences where service availability has a limiting factor and you want to track the customers journey through from start to finish. Including:

  • In-store services.
  • Virtual services.
  • Call a colleague in-store. 
  • Experiences.
  • Hire and rental.

Tablet interface

Tablet interface swipe actions 

Mobile interface

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