View your appointments in an external calendar

If you need to view your appointments outside of the Qudini application in your own calendar application this is possible to do by creating an iCal subscription. 

Create an iCal subscription link 

Go to the accounts page by clicking on your user name > Account. 

On the accounts page you will see the following options. Note: If you don't see these options please contact support as we will need to enable this for your account. 

Create link for Server:

This option will create a link that will only show appointments which are booked for the currently logged in user. This is useful if you are using person booking availability and want to  subscribe only your appointments. 

Create link for Venue: 

This option creates a link that includes all appointments for the your store/venue. This is useful for cases where you have a shared store calendar and would like to show everything.

Once you have generated your link, you can copy it using the copy icon. Note that you should keep this link safe and private, as it provides access to your appointments. Do not share this publicly on the internet with anyone. 

Please note: The refresh rate of the calendar differs between Calendar apps. For example Google Calendar notes that changes can take 12 hours on its support. If you need instant calendar sync then we would suggest using our 2 way calendar integration instead. 

Subscribing to the calendar: 

Please see the following guides for subscribing to your calendar link for the following calendar applications : 

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