Support Desk Template

Below is a template recommend by Qudini for internal support teams to raise tickets with Qudini for issues relating to our service. 

This will provide our support teams with the best information to triage, diagnose and resolve your issues as quickly as possible. 

This is a generic template and can be edited to suit your needs. 

Incident NumberThis can be your internal incident number to reference back to
DescriptionSingle line describing the issue
PriorityYour internal priority for this issue
# Stores ImpactedHow many stores are impacted by this issue?
Contact Name
Name of contact in store who can be reached for further information (if required)
UsernameUsername of contact in store who discovered the issue
E-Mail AddressOf store to contact if further information is required
Route of Qudini access
Mobile app, browser
Area of Concerneg adding a customer, service outage, SMS not being delivered
ImpactHow has the issue impacted the customer journey
Issue description
Please provide a detailed description of the issue and the impact


what was the action the user was doing at the time of issue?

is the issue sporadic or constant?

How long has the issue been evident?

Specific steps to
recreate the issue

What specific steps must be taken to re-create the issue

Steps taken internally
to resolve the issue

What steps have been taken internally to try and resolve the issue?

eg. reset account details

Photo or video evidence
If possible please attach screenshots of errors or (preferably)
a screen recording of the issue

Providing photo / video evidence greatly speeds up resolution time

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