Implementation: How to promote your appointment booking offering

Drive footfall to your services by downloading our best practice guides to understand how to promote your new appointment booking offering across channels.

1. Intro to Qudini Appointment Bookings

Qudini offer a SaaS based platform with core solutions that include: appointment booking software, a virtual queue management system, event booking software and task management software. 

Our appointment booking Software enables organizations to enable their customers to access their website to view upcoming availability and to schedule appointments online. Once appointments have been booked customers will receive SMS and email reminders about their appointment with links to cancel or reschedule if they need to.

Brands are using our software to enable their customers to schedule time for: Store visits, in-person services and experiences and virtual services and experience.

This page provides ideas to client marketing teams as to how they can promote their new appointment booking offerings across channels in order to drive footfall to store.

2. Create a Dedicated Appointment Scheduling Landing Page 

Creating a dedicated appointment booking landing page on your main website has been proven to drive more appointments to your business by increasing the search-ability of your offering.

You landing page should a) be hosted on your main website domain URL, b) include an SEO optimized description of your appointment offering and c) should iframe you appointment booking interface into the page. 

(You can also iFrame each stores individual booking page into a landing page/profile page for each store)

Read our top tips for creating the perfect landing page below and download our best practice guide here:

Our API portal explains how your development team can easily iFrame our booking widget into a dedicated landing page:

Top Tips on Appointment Scheduling Landing Pages
A dedicated landing page explaining your appointment offering on your website


Is more likely to show up in customer online search results

Top tips for creating the perfect landing page

3. Download our full best practice guide on how to promote your appointment scheduling offering:

Download our guide for ideas on How to Promote your Appointment Booking Offering via an end-to-end omni-channel campaign. The ideas are taken from what we're seeing retailers do across the market.

Or watch the video explaining the content:

Contents of the guide:

The guide visualises an end-to-end marketing campaign to promote the appointment booking offering our fictional luxury fashion brand "QDi". Concepts that we discuss and provide examples of include:

  • Developing a strong value proposition around your new service offering
  • Developing strong Call to Actions (CTAs)
  • Digital marketing ideas:
    • Your website (where to enable appointment bookings from)
    • SEO
    • Landing pages
    • Google ads & PPC
    • Social media
    • Email marketing & SMS 
  • Offline mediums: 
    • Print 
    • Outdoors
    • PR
  • In-store promotion ideas: 
    • Point of sale advertising
    • Posters, digital signage and QR codes
  • Qudini functionality ideas: 
    • TV displays
    • Self-service kiosks
    • Appointment booking emails
    • SMS capabilities
    • Post visit SMS
    • Qudini weblink
    • Book in follow-up bookings
  • Measuring campaign success (and how Qudini functionality helps): Cost per customer, attribution, tracking traffic, landing page tracking.

B) Download the appendix to the Guide:


Contents of the appendix:

The appendix to the guide visually explains how to execute key concepts explained in the guide including: Google ads, Twitter ads and Facebook ads.

It also provides some initial keyword ideas to append your brand name and service offering to in google ads and SEO optimized content, in order to drive traffic to your offering.

4. Other Resources

Additional resources.



Store POS ideasA page with examples of in-store POS ideas to promote the option to book an appointment, join the virtual queue or to check-in for an online order.

Learn more about accepting appointments online

How to accept appointments from your website

This page explains how Qudini enables you to accept appointments from your website and suggested places on your website to include links to schedule appointments.

Page on our standard online appointment booking interface

A page explaining how our standard online appointment booking interface appears and works. (Link also referenced above).

API portal 

A page explaining how to link to, embed or rebuild our standard online appointment booking interface within your website. (Link also referenced above).

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