Implementation: Qudini Standard Online Appointment Booking Interface

Everything you need to know about the Qudini Standard Online Appointment Booking Interface 

It's easy to customize

Qudini offer a Standard Online Appointment Booking interface that can be set-up within a matter of minutes and fully customized with your:

  1. Logo
  2. Colour schemes
  3. Fonts
  4. Wording (translated into multiple different languages for your customer to choose their own)
  5. Required data input fields
  6. Service options
  7. Tailored customer questions 
  8. GDPR consent options
  9. Ability to enable customers to select an advisor

This can then be linked out to or embedded within your site and any page you fee is appropriate.

The layout of the booking interface is fixed and so some clients wanting to fully customize the design and layout choose to use our APIs to rebuild the interface themselves.

This page provides more detail on how you can use our online appointment booking interface to enable customers to schedule appointments from your website. 

It instantly creates the links you need

Once you've your Standard Appointment Booking Interface has been customized our desktop platform will instantly enable you to easily access your appointment links for: 

  1. A central store finder - that enables a user to search for and select nearby stores before selecting their required service and appointment time.
  2. Individual Store Booker Links - that enable a user to link straight to an individual stores calendar to enable them to select a service and find an appointment time.
  3. Deep links - that enable a user to link straight to an individual stores calendar having selected a product/service via your website.

It has a proven customer journey that works 

Our standard appointment booking interface offers the following customer journey stages to enable your customers to schedule their appointments.



Store Finder Page (optional)

Enables customers to search for their nearest store.

Service Selection Page (optional if only one service)

Enables customers to select a service (with option to enable them to select add on services.

Select an advisor page (optional)Enables your customers to view advisor names, roles and avatar images to select their preferred advisor.
View advisor bio page (optional)
On selecting an advisor, this page enables them to view their name, role, avatar and bio.
Select a date/time pageEnables customers to view upcoming availability and to select an appointment time that works for them.
Enter details pageEnables customers to enter the details you have set as mandatory or optional to confirm their appointment booking. 

Input fields can include GDPR explanations next to them to explain why certain data is required. Mandatory privacy policy consent options can be added.
Confirmation pageConfirms the customers appointments including: booking reference, service, duration time, data, store location, advisor (if applicable), any payment details and a map link.
Similar to aboveCancellation page Confirms to a customer that their appointment has been cancelled. 
Similar to abovePost Service pagePost service thanks the customer for visiting and enables them to access any post service questions that you have enabled.

Demo links

Version 1 Standard Appointment Booking Interface
Version 2 Standard Appointment Booking Interface
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