Implementation: Whitelisting and Deploying Qudini

The purpose of this page is to provide enterprise IT teams and other key project stakeholders with everything they need to know to technically deploy Qudini for use within your stores, contact centers and head office.

Contents of this page: 

  1. About Qudini
  2. Who needs access to Qudini
  3. Device compatibility and deployment resources

1. About Qudini (for those not involved in our demo)

Qudini offer a cloud-based SaaS based platform that enables enterprise organizations with stores and contact centers to improve customer experience, to better manage their operations and to capture data on their business. Our core solutions include: a virtual queue management system, appointment booking software, event booking software and task management software. 

Qudini is a hardware agnostic company and provides software that can be used on a wide range of devices meaning you are not tied into any specific hardware and have the freedom to choose the hardware that suits your use case. 

As a cloud-based platform Qudini is also very simple to deploy remotely across thousands of stores at once. As the platform can be seamlessly accessed from any desktop, tablet or smartphone device via our browser interface or through downloading our native IOS and android apps.

2. Store Associate Device Compatibility and Deployment Resources

Your store associates can access Qudini on a desktop tablet or smartphone to manage customers that have joined the virtual queue or scheduled an appointment.

Our flexible functionality enables you to have a number of different operational set-ups in which just one or multiple store associates can access the Qudini platform across different devices. Typical operational set-up we see include:

  • 1) One or more Hosts/Shop floor managers only access Qudini to centrally add and manage the store's customers alongside store occupancy and all their colleague's interactions, OR;

  • 2)  Hosts/Shop floor managers access Qudini to add and manage customers. While individual store associates also access Qudini to call forward and serve customers, OR;

  • 3) No host/shop floor manager and all store associates can access Qudini to call forward and serve customers that have joined the queue by themselves.

These are the devices we support.




Mobile devices

  • IOS 9+ on iPad or iPhone. Qudini aims to support the last two versions of IOS.

  • Android 5+ is supports on tablet and phone devices.

  • For Windows devices our browser platform can easily be accessed on the devices.

To deploy the Qudini Store Team App to your store, contact center or head office level users's smartphone devices you can download our apps from: 

If you have your devices deployed via MDM we recommend using the Apple VPP program to rollout our iOS application.  

You can also access our browser platform from any tablet or smartphone device using the same details in the row above.

Desktop devices

Qudini's browser version provides the same functionality for all in store usage, and also has access to the full admin and analytics interface. 

We focus on ensuring the most up to date browsers are supported and supporting browsers for as long as the providers themselves do

Qudini is regularly tested on Chrome and Firefox. Edge and IE 11 are also supported. 

Internet Explorer⚠️ IE11 only

We support browsers for as long as the providers themselves do.

To use Qudini on a desktop your stores, head office and contact centers simply need to go to: (Or your custom Qudini domain if you are using our virtual private cloud hosting offer).

If you have website restrictions within your stores you may need to whitelist our platform. 

This Whitelisting Information document contains everything you need to do so.

Network Requirements

Qudini requires a stable internet connectivity either via WiFi or Ethernet. A store with 10 users can comfortably use Qudini on line with 5Mbps available bandwidth. 

We recommend devices such as kiosks and TV's be connected via Ethernet rather than Wifi to prevent any issues with dropouts due to local wifi issues. 

If your store networks have restricted access then you may need to add the services we use to an allow list. Please download the latest list from here

Other Supported Hardware

The Qudini Self-service Check-in Kiosk can be used with Android devices 5+ and IOS 9+ and it supports Star Micronics Printers.

The Qudini TV App can be used on and Android or Apple TV box plugged into an screen.

2. Who else might need access to Qudini and which devices

To use the platform you will need to access Qudini within the following locations. The content below explains how you can do so.



Reasons to access Qudini

Contact Centers 

(applicable for appointment booking only)
Desktops, tablets or smartphones used to manage customersIf you are enabling your contact center representatives to manage appointments on the behalf of customers phoning in, they will need to access Qudini on a desktop.

If you are enabling your contact center to serve customers for virtual appointments they will need to be able to access Qudini on a desktop, tablet or smartphone (as you require) to manage appointments and to start their video conversations. Many of our clients have fixed booths dedicated to taking video appointments with the necessary equipment included (usually a desktop and fixed tablet).

Head officeDesktopsYour head office teams will need to be able to access the Qudini desktop platform to manage settings and view analytics within the platform.
They may need to use our tablet and smartphone app for testing the store level user process.

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