Implementation: Qudini Company Terms and Policies

The purpose of this page is to provide our clients with an overview of the different terms and conditions of using our platform and the different supplier statements we have and policies that we hold internally.

Contents of this legal terms/policies: 

  1. Company Terms & Conditions
  2. Technical policies
  3. Non-technical policies

Company Terms and Conditions

A table highlighting our key public policies and statements that all clients and suppliers are expected to adhere to when working with us. 

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Our corporate privacy policy


Our full company privacy policy expanding on the different types of data that we work with and how it is stored and processed (this includes corporate users of our own company website, job candidates and our client's customer and personal data). For consumers using our platform within your business your privacy policy should be displayed because you are the data controller.

Booking interface Cookie policy


A cookie policy explaining how our online appointment booking interface and join the queue online interfaces use Cookies. These will be displayed to any customers booking and appointment or joining the queue using our standard online widgets

Anti-Slavery StatementPublicA statement to our suppliers explaining our measures to ensure that slavery, or slavery-like practices, forced labout and human trafficking is now taking part in our supply chains or in any part of Qudini's business.
Anti-Bribery StatementPublic

A statement that sets out Qudini's minimum expectations for complying with anti-bribery laws and our anti-bribery compliance approach.

Terms and privacy links

PublicThe central webpage with all our publicly available terms, policies and supplier statements. Including those mentioned above in addition to others.

Company Policies - Ethical Practices

A list of the internal company policies that we hold to ensure proper and ethical company company operations.



Document within


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Internal

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Anti-Slavery PolicyInternalModern Slavery Policy
Environmental PolicyInternalEnvironmental Policy
Ethical Sourcing PolicyInternalEnvironmental Policy
Confidentiality PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Harassment PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Non-Retaliation PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Workplace Safety PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Alcohol and drugs PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Communication PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Social Medial PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Expense PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook
Quality PolicyInternalQudini Employee Handbook

Company Policies - Technical 

A list of the key internal company policies that we hold to ensure robust and secure management of our technology platform and systems.



Information Security Management System PolicyInternal
Business Continuity PlanInternal
Records Retention and Protection Policy
Privacy and Personal Data Protection PolicyInternal
Internet Acceptable Use PolicyInternal
Acceptable Use PolicyInternal
Cloud Computing PolicyInternal
Software PolicyInternal
Availability Management PolicyInternal
Fraud Prevention PolicyInternal
Anti-Malware PolicyInternal
Backup PolicyInternal
Technical Vulnerability Management PolicyInternal
Cyptographic PolicyInternal
Physical Security PolicyInternal
Access Control PolicyInternal
Network Security PolicyInternal
Secure Development PolicyInternal
Electronic Messaging PolicyInternal
Support Escalation PolicyInternal
Remote Working PolicyInternal
Mobile Device PolicyInternal
IP & Copyright PolicyInternal

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