Checklist: Your Qudini Roll-out to BAU Checklist

Scale Qudini across thousands of stores at speed.

Most of your Qudini deployment legwork is completed, the below table shows the simple checklist we’ll collaborate with you over to roll-out stores.


Teams to involve 



Set-up support desk training

Internal store support desk 

Most clients begin to provide first line support to their stores after the first 2 months. We’ll provide a 60 minute virtual training session to train your support desk on how to: 

  • Handle user login issues using Qudini (99% of issues).

  • Troubleshoot and triage issues. 

  • Escalate support tickets they are unable to resolve to our support desk. 

You can access our training resources here.


Regular calls 

Project stakeholders

During your roll-out, your Qudini Account Manager will hold regular calls (with your Project Manager joining as needed) to discuss: 

  • Reporting needs.

  • Configuration change needs.

  • Solutions to any customer journey or usage issues.



Steerco sessions 

Project stakeholders

When your project is in BAU, your dedicated Qudini account manager will hold appropriate Steerco sessions to discuss: 

  • An update on Qudini and our most recent projects.

  • Project status: positive results and any challenges to resolve.

  • Qudini’s service performance.

  • Qudini’s latest features and upcoming road map.

  • You feature ideas and needs.

  • Your analytics needs.

  • New project opportunities.

  • And any other items you wish to add to the agenda.

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