Checklist: Your Qudini Implementation Checklist

Checklist to launch

Ensure a simple, seamless and highly successful launch of Qudini.

This launch checklist includes the sequential list of steps you’ll need to undertake to deploy Qudini and the different teams you may need to involve. 



Your likely teams to involve



Hold kick-off workshop

Key project stakeholders 

You may also include:

  • Customer experience 

  • IT 

  • GDPR/legal

To get started we’ll host a kick off workshop. Here’s a suggested email to send to those who need to be involved:

Example email:

We’re looking to deploy Qudini for virtual queueing and appointment booking in the stores. The system will enable our customers to book online appointments and to join virtual queues and to receive SMS and email updates while they wait. 

To kick us off, Qudini want to run a workshop for 1.5 hours to gather the information they need to configure our account. This page includes the agenda for the kick-off workshop.


IT/information security assessment

IT/Information Security Team

Because the Qudini platform takes customer data to update them of their place in the queue. It’s likely that your IT/Information Security team will need to assess our platform. Here’s a suggested email to give them all the information they’ll need:

Example email:

We’re deploying Qudini for virtual queueing and appointment booking in the stores. The system will enable our customers to book online appointments and to join virtual queues and to receive SMS and email updates while they wait. 

To provide this functionality, Qudini need to capture some customer personal data (phone number and email address)

The company is ISO27001 and GDPR compliant and have provided this page to share most of the key information that we will need to complete our technical review of the platform.


IT deployment preparation

IT deployment Teams 

To enable your stores to use the Qudini platform your IT teams may need certain whitelisting and app install information. Here’s a suggested email to give them everything they need:

Example email:

We’re deploying Qudini for virtual queueing and appointment booking in the stores.

The store team will need to access the platform on their front of house devices (to manage customers) and back office PCs (to oversee usage and analytics).

The company have provided this page with everything that we will need to know about whitelisting and deploying their platform.


Complete configuration spreadsheet 

Appropriate project stakeholders

Marketing team 

To enable us to configure your Qudini account, please complete the Configuration Spreadsheet. This will be sent to you by your implementation tailored with some of your suggestions from the kick of workshop and including our recommended defaults. 

You may need to involve your branding team in defining the SMS wording and customer facing interfaces (online bookings, emails, kiosk interface, countdown weblink).

This page explains more about the Account Configuration Options and Branding options.


Provide list of stores

Retail Operations 

To set-up your store accounts on Qudini, we’ll need to receive a list of stores within our Store Set-up Spreadsheet found at this page.


Ensure GDPR compliance

Website team, legal team or marketing team

Because customers need to provide personal data to join the queue or book an appointment, you will want to ensure your Qudini customer experience meets GDPR standards. Qudini has all the functionality and a best practice guide to help you to do so. 

Here’s an email you can share with your relevant website/legal/marketing team who might look at this.

Example email:

We’re deploying Qudini for virtual queueing and appointment booking in the stores. The system will enable our customers to book online appointments and to join virtual queues and to receive SMS and email updates while they wait. 

We’ll be capturing customer data, so this may need an internal GDPR review. 

Qudini (who act purely as a data processor whereas we are the controller) offer a number of features to ensure we are capturing and using data in compliance with GDPR (such as consent options and data field descriptions). 

They have provided this page which includes more information and a downloadable pack explaining how to use their platform in compliance with GDPR.


Set-up online appointment booking 

(appointment bookings only)

Website team

Your website team will need to make some website changes to enable your customers to book appointments online. Here’s a suggested email to give them everything they need to do so.

Example email:

We’re deploying Qudini to enable our customers to schedule in-store and virtual appointments from our website.

Qudini offers a number of options as to enable us to accept appointment bookings from our website, including: 

  • Link out to their standard customisable booking widget from our website (with deep-linking options)

  • Embed their standard customisable booking widget within our site.

  • Rebuild their booking interface using their APIs.

They’ve said that we could start with the simplest route above first and always evolve this later.

This page explains everything we should need to get online bookings working.


Marketing team to promote appointment booking

(For appointment bookings only)

Marketing team

To drive footfall to your appointment booking platform, your marketing team may look to set-up a campaign around the initiative. Here’s a suggested email to make them aware of the project and potential marketing options.

Example email:

We’re deploying Qudini for appointment booking for in-store and virtual services. The system will enable our customers to visit our website or to call the store or contact center to book an in-store or virtual appointment. 

We’ll need to let customers know about the service in order to drive traffic from the outset, Qudini have provided this pagewith some suggestions and would be happy to have a call to share more details.


Create in-store POS/ promotion content 

Usually store operations, Marketing, or store design

To enable customers to book appointments or to join the virtual queue from within your stores, you might look to create some in-store POS/promotional content. Here’s a suggested email to share with teams who might be involved in creating this:

Example email 

We’re deploying Qudini for virtual queueing and appointment booking in the stores. The system will enable our customers to book appointments from the web or within store to join a virtual queue for the next available slot or to pickup an online order.

To drive customers to use the software, Qudini offers the following features: 

  • Enable customers to join the virtual queue by scanning a QR code or texting an SMS code.

  • Enable customers to book an appointment by scanning a QR code.

Qudini will provide all the URLs for the QR code and SMS codes nearer the time. But to help us think about how we promote the offering within the stores they’ve provided this pagewith some more information/ideas.


Create QR codes

Project managers

To enable customers to book appointments or join the QR codes in-store, Qudini will provide a list of URLs for you to set-up using a third-party QR code generator.


Link to Qudini in click and collect email 

(click and collect use cases only)

The team responsible for the click and collect email 

To enable your click and collect customers to check-in when they arrive to store to receive their online order as quickly as possible, it is best to enable them to access the Qudini check-in URL from the click and collect emails you send to tell them their order is in store. Here’s a suggested email to share with the tech team who manage your click and collect emails. Here's some more information on how this can work.


Send KPIs to Qudini

  • Project stakeholders

  • Finance 

To help us to collaborate with you to ensure a successful project from day one, please share your KPIs with us. Here’s a suggested email and some content to share with those who will input on these.


Set-up customer feedback survey

Project stakeholders 

Qudini has the capability to collect customer feedback through a post service SMS with a questionnaire. This enables you to understand feedback alongside the context of the customers visit. This can be enabled and disabled at any time during your use of Qudini. Please provide a list of your required customer survey questions.


Hold store training sessions

Store manager

Store power user

Your trainers

Retail team 

Regional managers

To get your stores up and running we’ll provide a 30-60 minute virtual training session to train your store managers and power users to use the platform. After the session we’ll send a custom training video which can be made accessible to stores in the platform.


Phase 1 Launch

Checklist to reach roll-out

Driving positive collaboration, successful iteration and measurable business case results.

The below table shows the checklist we’ll collaborate with you over to support you in proving the business case to roll-out Qudini.



Teams to involve 



Set-up weekly project calls 

Relevant project stakeholders

For the first two months of your project, your Qudini Account Manager will hold brief weekly or fortnightly calls (with your Project Manager joining as needed). The focus of the call will be to discuss: 

  • KPI Results seen so far.

  • Reporting needs.

  • Configuration change needs

  • Solutions to any customer journey or usage issues.

Provide list of head office users for reports

and set-up reporting training session

Project stakeholders

Regional managers

Store managers

So that we can ensure key stakeholders are benefitting from your use of the Qudini platform, please provide details of the head office team members that you would like to set-up with access to our analytics dashboards and email reports. 

For regional managers, please also provide a list of which stores they should have access to review (as we can enable restricted views).

We’ll then host a 45 minute training session to present our analytics dashboards and to capture feedback on which metrics and graphs are most useful to you in a consolidated custom dashboard. 


Add new stores 

Project stakeholders 

To add new stores simply email and your Qudini account management with a list of stores using the Store Set-up Spreadsheet and any purchase order details. 

We’ll create the store accounts and provide the relevant details to you.

We can provide additional virtual training workshops or your internal trainers can train the stores.


Information sharing

Project managers

During the project we’d appreciate continued information sharing on: 

  • KPI Results seen so far - helping us to support you in building a business case.

  • Reporting needs - helping us to tailor dashboards to your requirements.

  • Budget processes - helping us to understand how to support you in getting to roll-out.


Set-up KPI business case/review session 

Project stakeholders

After two months of your first using Qudini, we offer the option to build an analytics/business case result presentation. This will be presented by your Account Manager to your key business stakeholders to demonstrate your KPI success and obtainable business using insights gained from: 

  • Our analytics platform
  • Our customer survey tool
  • Data and verbatim captured from HQ and stores 


Roll-out to BAU checklist 

Once your project has rolled-out, these are the simple steps we'll work with you on to get to BAU: Checklist: Your Qudini roll-out to BAU checklist

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