Implementation: Steps to launch a new market

If you are deploying Qudini across multiple markets, these are the steps to deploy our software to a new market.


Required timeframe



Market kick off workshop 

60 minute virtual meeting 

We’ll host a kick of meeting to: Present the system as used in other markets.

Agree market specific configurations and consumer interface translation needs. For example, any changes to: 

  • Core settings.

  • SMS wording.

  • Appointment booking interface and emails.

  • Join queue interface.

Agree launch plan:

  • Which stores and when.

  • Which devices they use.

  • How online bookings will work.

  • QR code set-up.

  • In-store signage.

  • Store associate platform translation requirements.

Discuss KPIs: 

  • What are the main goals?

  • How can they be measured?

  • What’s the ideal date to present them?

  • Who will sign them off?

Market specific project stakeholders

Enable translations

3 days for an available language. 

2 weeks for a new language.

Qudini offer our store advisor platform in the following languages:

If your market requires a new language not yet supported this can easily be ordered and enabled.

Consumer content must be translated by head office and can be translated in as many languages as you wish to enable you customers to choose their preferred language.


Content shared immediately after workshop.

Account configuration complete 2-3 business days after receiving your configuration document.

Stores set-up within 2-3 days of receiving store upload sheet.

After the workshop, Qudini will share the market’s demo account with: 

  • A tailored configuration questionnaire spreadsheet for the market specific team to update and provide consumer translations for.

  1. Account configuration spreadsheet - to enable the market to update their specific configuration needs and to provide translations for consumer facing content (booking interface, emails, SMS). Once this is complete, we’ll finalise their account configuration and present it for feedback and iteration.

  1. Store set-up spreadsheet - for the market to provide the list of stores for us to set-up in our platform. (This can be provided after the account configuration has been finalised).

Project manager


Marketing team (for customer facing content)

Tech assist

We provide all the information straight after the workshop. 

Your IT team should be able to get the system working quickly.

To get Qudini enabled in a new market your local IT teams may need to: 

  • Conduct an information security (InfoSec) assessment.

  • Whitelist our application for use on your store network.

  • Deploy our mobile apps to your mobile devices (they can be deployed via an enterprise MDM or downloaded from the Apple or Google Play app store).

Store IT team

Project deployment

As required

While your account is configured we can also advise your project team with deployment including: 

  • QR/SMS code set-up.

  • POS/signage ideas.

  • Website online bookings implementation.

Project managers 

Web team

Stores go live - with remote training 

30 - 60 minute virtual meeting.

When it’s time to go live we’ll train your stores via a 30-60 minute virtual training workshop. 

We recommend sending a store manager and a power user from each store. You may also choose to send your internal trainers so they can train further stores and provide refresher training sessions.

After the training session, we’ll send a customised training video for you to use. We can also make this accessible to your stores at any time from the ‘training” tab within our app.

Qudini is really simple to use and most stores take just 2 hours to become native with the app.

Project managers

Store managers

Store power users

Internal trainers

Add new stores at any time

As required

To launch new stores, simply complete the store set-up spreadsheet with the new stores and send it to your Qudini account manager along with purchase order details where appropriate.

We’ll create the store accounts and provide you with logins, join the queue and appointment booking links. 

We can provide additional virtual training workshops, or your trainers can train the stores. 

Project managers

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