What hardware and software is required to use Qudini?

Qudini is a hardware agnostic company and provides software that can be used on a wide range of devices meaning you are not tied into any specific hardware and have the freedom to choose the hardware that suits your use case. 

Mobile devices

Qudini's iOS and Android app's can be downloaded the App Store and Play store

Qudini Store Team App is supported on iOS 11.0 or later.

Android 5+ is supported on Tablet and Phone devices. 

The Qudini Browser version is not supported on small screen mobile devices, such as mobile phones.

Desktop devices 

Qudini's browser version provides the same functionality for all in store usage, and also has access to the full admin and analytics interface. 

We focus on ensuring the most up to date browsers are supported. Qudini is regularly tested on Chrome and Firefox. Edge is also supported. 

Please note: IE 11 is now end of life and no longer supported by Microsoft. Other major software vendors have already dropped support for this browser. Qudini has continued to support this however will be dropping support in 2022 due to the increasing number of security vulnerabilities which are unable to be fixed. 

Internet Explorer⚠️ IE11 only - Support ending 2022

Network requirements

Qudini  requires a stable internet connectivity either via WiFi or Ethernet. A store with 10 users can comfortably use Qudini on line with 5Mbps available bandwidth. 

We recommend devices such as kiosks and TV's be connected via Ethernet rather than Wifi to prevent any issues with dropouts due to local wifi issues. 

If your store networks have restricted access then you may need to add the services we use to an allow list. Please download the latest list from here

Other supported hardware

Qudini's kiosk app can be used with Android devices 5+ and iOS 10+ and supports Star Micronics printers. 

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