How do I receive an Email informing me that a Customer has cancelled their appointment?

We send an Email when the Customer has cancelled their appointment themselves, but there are prerequisites in order for this Email to be generated and received.

This functionality is enabled by default (not connected to any settings) and is triggered to the advisor when the following criteria is met:

  • Advisor has a valid email in their account
  • Pre-assigned to this Advisor
  • Booking cancelled via the Customer only

The Advisor will then receive an email like below:

Appointments made with Generic Booking Availability

If you have Generic Booking Availability (appointments are 'unassigned' upon creation), then in order for the above to work, the appointment needs to be manually assigned to an advisor first. 

If the appointment remains 'unassigned' and the customer cancels their appointment, then an Email will not be sent.

Appointments made with Staff Booking Availability

If you have Staff Booking Availability (appointments are 'assigned' upon creation), the appointment will be automatically assigned depending on which advisor has booking availability.

Ensure the advisor the appointment is assigned to has their valid email address within their User Details.

Future Improvements

We are committed to improving this feature so it is not restricted to Customer cancellations only and increasing visibility in general on cancelled appointments. Watch this space!

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