Set up Join by SMS (Text to join a queue)

In order to enable this functionality, a phone number will need to be allocated to your Qudini merchant account. Please contact your account manager or to obtain one.

Once this number is provided and assigned to your Merchant account. You'll receive confirmation from a Qudini account manager.

To do this, your user account needs to be a Merchant Owner Account.

1. Navigate to the Join By SMS page under Customisations.

2. Click Add SMS Code.

3. In the dialogue box that appears enter a:

  • Code you would like customers to type into an SMS message to join a specific queue.
    • Each code is specific to each Venue, Queue and Product. So you can set up as many as you like, although typically clients will set up one code per queue associated with a 'SMS Joined' Product.
    • The shorter the better, we recommend no more than 4 digits. Some businesses like to use their Store Numbers to ensure it's easy to remember for staff members, incase they get asked by a customer.
  • Description to provide more about the code you're using, this can be a useful reminder later on as to the purpose and customer journey for the code being setup.
  • Venue this code is associated with.
  • Queue this code will allocate to customers.
  • Product that will be selected for customers that join by this code.

4. Click Save.

We recommend testing the Join By SMS to ensure that it has been set up correctly. Making sure that the correct Product is allocated to the correct Venue and Queue. Also making sure that the Queue has advisors with Availability assigned to it before testing.

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