8x8 video appointments

8x8.vc is a secure, fully-featured and free video conferencing service. Qudini is able to easily integrate with this service to provide your customers with unique links. 


Signup for a free account at 8x8.vc. Once signed up you can configure your tenant name in the 8x8 admin settings as shown below:

Once you have configured this, you will need to setup the messaging for customers in your SMS or Email settings. 

In order to make sure customers always get a unique video link for each appointment, you should use the following format in your emails and SMS config:https://8x8.vc/your-tenant-name/{bookingRef} 

This will ensure it generates a link specifically for that customer. 

Joining the call: 

When its time to join the call, open your appointment within Qudini and copy the booking reference:

In 8x8 click "Join meeting" then paste the booking ID:

Coming soon

We are also building in an integration into 8x8 similar to our Zoom integration. If this would be of interest to you please get in touch and let us know. 


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