Zoom Integration

Qudini's Zoom integration will automatically create a Zoom meeting for all appointments booked to specific advisors. The Zoom meeting URLs can be included in communications to customers via SMS and Email.

When the appointment is due to start the advisor is able to quickly open the Zoom meeting directly from within Qudini's mobile and web applications.

Please note: Zoom integration appointments can only be used within a queue/calendar that has Staff Booking Availability enabled. Using Generic Availability is not supported, this is because Generic Availability will create appointments that are unassigned and therefore do not go into a specific advisors Zoom account.

Enable your integration:

To use Zoom integration please speak to your account manager via support@qudini.com to enable Zoom integration.

Once enabled you can connect your account by logging into your instance of Qudini as a Merchant Admin Account >  Integrations > Video Meetings

You'll then be directed to Zoom in order to install the Qudini Zoom application. The application is an 'Account level' app. This means it will need to be installed by an Admin of your Zoom account. It also means each of your users do not need to individually install the app.

To confirm the integration is successful you will see the following status on your Zoom integration page: 

Uninstalling the app:

To uninstall the app, go to your Zoom marketplace management settings -> Installed Apps. Then click Uninstall next to the Qudini app.

You can also disconnect your account within Qudini from the Zoom integration page by pressing 'Disconnect': 

Using the Zoom integration:

Once enabled. All customer bookings which are booked to a specific advisor will have a Zoom meeting link created, as long as that advisor's email matches that of a user in your Zoom account. 

You can configure the customer-facing emails and SMS to contain the Zoom link by using the placeholder {booking-meeting-url} in the SMS or Email templates. 

Joining the meeting:

Once an advisor is ready to serve the customer they can use the existing Qudini store application to serve the customer. The Zoom link is visible under "VIDEO URL" on the customer's details page. 

Simply click this link in order to join the meeting. If you have the Zoom app installed this will open the meeting within your Zoom app on either desktop or tablet/mobile. 

Joining meetings from within the Zoom application:

All meetings are also accessible from within the Zoom application under "Meetings" 

For example, if a customer booked to a qudini advisor with the email address "jane.doe@mycompany.com" then the meeting will show in the list of meetings for the Zoom user "jane.doe@mycompany.com". Note that if you are starting a meeting directly from within Zoom, you will still need to start and finish the meeting in Qudini in order to log the correct timings of the meeting on Qudini.

Managing Zoom appointments:

Please note if you delete or change an appointment within Zoom itself, Qudini will not receive those changes. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you will need to use Qudini to do so. This allows all changes to be updated in Zoom automatically in the background. Qudini therefore acts at the source of truth for Zoom to pull appointments from.

Re-allocating an Advisor in Qudini will also re-allocate a Host in Zoom, allowing a different Advisor to start/host the Zoom meeting. Currently, this feature is only limited to Paid (Licensed) Zoom users and will not work for free Zoom users. Development is scheduled to bring this functionality to free Zoom users.

Configure which Products should create a Zoom meeting:

You can configure which appointments should generate a Zoom meeting based on the Product. This is useful for where you have mixed-use cases within the same venue. Such as appointments for a video call or phone call. 

Select the products you like and press save to store the configuration. This config then applies to all venues that use that product. 


Customers have booked but there isn't a Zoom link for the customers

This is most likely because the user the appointment was booked for can not be found in your Zoom account. Please check that you have all users correctly set up in your Zoom account with the same email address used in Qudini. 

For any other issues please contact us via support.qudini.com with the booking reference and we will investigate the issue for you. 

Frequently asked questions

Can you use this feature with Generic availability? 

Due to the way Zoom requires a meeting to be created for a user, we can't yet support bookings that do not have an advisor assigned to them. We are however planning to introduce a feature where a generic booking is made without a link, but then once an advisor is assigned, the Zoom meeting is then generated and sent to the customer.

What happens if I reassign an appointment to another advisor?

When an appointment is reassigned to a different advisor, the Video Meeting URL remains the same. But the meeting will appear in the new advisor's Zoom upcoming meetings.

Therefore, if the Booking Email Confirmation has been configured to contain the Zoom URL for the meeting, the customer will still be able to use it for their appointment.

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