Sending an SMS to a customer

When a customer is in your store, one fantastic way to engage with them is to send them an SMS. This article will only cover the manual sending of SMSs - to configure automated messages click here.

There are two configurations when sending a customer additional messages:

  • Free hand messages - which allow you to type any message and send it to the customer

  • Template messages - which allow you to send a range of predefined messages

Sending an SMS (same for both free hand and template)

To send a customer SMS:

  1. Click on their name from the queue

  1. On the customer details pop-up click on the ‘messages’ tab highlighted below

  1. You will see a list of all the SMSs that have been sent to this customer

If you have free hand SMS sending enabled:

  1. At the bottom there will be a input field, where you can type a custom SMS

4.1 Once typed, you can send the SMS by pressing the ‘Send’ button

If you have free hand SMS sending disabled and template SMS enabled:

For some merchants free hand messaging has been disabled to ensure brand consistency, so sending SMS is done via selecting from a list of pre-determined templates.

  1. At the bottom of the messages tab is a template selector

  2. Click the selector to show the available templates

  3. Selecting a template will activate the send button, which when clicked will send the SMS

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