How to Assign Product Add-Ons

Add-on are can be used to allow customers to select more than one service or product at a time. For appointment booking, this combines the selected products duration, so that it blocks out the correct amount of time in the advisor's calendar.

Product Add-ons behave as a secondary product to an existing Product (a.k.a A Primary Product). To create add-on and assign them to Primary Products, you'll need to make sure you have some products set up already.

Learn more here: How to Create Products

Creating an Product Add-on

Go to the Merchant Level Settings > Main Settings > Products and click Create Product.

1. Give the product a Name

The product can be visible to customers, so be sure to make it something a customer would understand. You can also provide a Description if you need one - this is displayed on the booking widget for customers when selecting a product.

2. Set the Product Type to Product Add-on only or Product & Product add-on.

3. Fill out the remaining You  remaining sets for creating a Product here: How to Create Products. Some option are disabled for Product Add-on only product type.

4. Then click Create Product.

Assigning Add-ons

Now the Add-on Product is available to be assigned to a Product.

1. Click Edit on an existing Product.

2. Click on the Add-ons.

3. Then enable the add-ons that should be related to this Product.

4. You can also set a restriction to the number of Add-ons that a customer can select using the Add-on Limit.

5. Click Update Product

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