Summary - Assignments

Assignments are customers that have gone through our Click + collect/request assistance functionality.

You are given a break down of the following:

1.Total assignments that has occurred within the filtered period

2.Amount of assignments that were fully processed and finished

3.Amount that were removed before service begun

Within the Customer Status you have a break down of the following details. The customer status is only focused on those who received a service.

1.Collected – Customers that were recorded to collect their item.

2.No-show – those that were recorded that they did not return to collect their item

3.Unmarked – Customers with no record of collected or no-show

The Journey Time highlights the full length the customer goes through from start to finish.

1.Pending time (mins) – duration the customer waits till staff accepts the activity

2.Execution time (mins) – Time from when accepting an activity to end.

3.Processing time (mins) – The total journey for the staff from customer joining to staff finishing the task

4.Customer collection time (mins) – time it takes form being marked as a finished assignment to marked as collected.

5.Footfall time (mins) – total time for customer to collected their item.

1.Active venues – number of venues that have added at least 1 customer within the time period analysed.

2.Scheduled staff – How many staff that have set their shift times during the period analysed. This does not include customers that have been marked as always available.

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