Summary - Appointments

All information recorded in this summary is any customer that has been entered through the appointment booking solution.

Appointments Due, highlights the total number appointments that had an expected start time within the filters selected.

You are provided the breakdown of this appointments split into 3 states:

Served, Service incomplete and Cancelled and Appointment No shows (CNS)

The CNS Breakdown is defined by the total of both Appointment no shows and Cancelled appointments.

1.No-shows are customers that were due to be seen and were marked that they did not show up for or were not served for their appointment.

2.Cancelled appointments can be bookings that either the customer cancelled via the link provided via email and/or SMS. Cancelled appointments are also appointments where the staff have removed the appointment.

The Active venues highlights how many venues have had at least one appointment made within the time period you have selected.

Acquisition and retention provides you with information based on your customers habits.

1.% booked within 7 days prior to appointments, will give you an idea of your customers behaviours in how they

2.It is also highlighted how many customers have cancelled on the day of their appointment.

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