Analytics - Filtering your data

With the new dashboards you can add filters to the data you want to appear in front of you.

You have access to 6 different filters you can apply to your data on all of the dashboards:

Product –  This is any product/service that has been created in Qudini.

Venue – You have the ability to select and view a specific venue that is active in Qudini

Queue – After selecting the specific venue you are able to select the Queues you wish to filter down further so.

Venue State – You can filter to show just your LIVE stores, you also can highlight any suspended of deactivated accounts also.

Aggregation – You can set this to be Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Date Range – You are able to filter to specific date range you want to see in your dashboards.

On your selected page of information at the top of the page you have a header bar containing all the applied filters. Once you adjust the filters press "Apply" this will then refresh the page to reflect any change you have made. 

Using our Analytics Dashboards you are able to adjust which is the key stat you wish to look at.

By clicking on any of the headers like the ones that have been highlighted the information filter in Ascending/Descending order.

From the example below uses #Walk-ins as a default to be filtered from Ascending to Descending.

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