Applying a Printed Ticket to a kiosk

Once you have created a ticket design, you must apply it to a kiosk for printing to be enabled. 

To apply the ticket design to a kiosk pairing

  1. Find the venue you want to update the kiosk for

  2. Click on Devices then Kiosks in the drop down list

You will be taken to the Kiosk configuration page, there are two ways to access the kiosk pairing configuration based on your setup:

  1. Double Click on the Kiosk Template name

  2. Click on Add New Kiosk

Option 2 will require the kiosk design to be paired with the physical kiosk tablet. Both will open up the same dialogue:

  1. Ensure the printed ticket design has the design you wish this kiosk to print selected using the drop down list

  2. Press Save 

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