Creating a Printed Ticket Design

Please note these are only available to users with merchant admin privileges 

When customers join your queue through a kiosk, if you have a Star Micronics printer connected, customers will automatically get a printed ticket (as well as our digital communications)

In order to configure the printing you must first create a ticket template:

  1. Log in to Qudini using your merchant admin account

  2. Click on Customisations and then Ticket Templates

  1. To create a new ticket template click on New Ticket Template or to edit an existing one, click Edit against the ticket you wish to amend

You will be taken to our Ticket Editor with a blank ticket loaded as default. To edit your template simply fill out the various fields and press Save Ticket Design. This guide will explain each field to help you. 

There are 3 main sections to a printed ticket design:

  1. Settings
  2. Text
  3. Customisation


  1. Name: This is the name used to identify the printed ticket design, make sure it is clear if you have multiple tickets

  2. Print Tickets for: configure whether all customers or only those who don’t supply a mobile phone number should receive tickets

  3. Show at Top: On the printed ticket you can select what information is supplied to the customer:

    1. Ticket Number: the unique reference number given to any customer joining the queue, this is the default option

    2. Name: the name the customer supplied when joining the queue

    3. Queue position: the position the customer is in when joining the queue

    4. Estimated Wait Time: at the time of joining, what was the estimated wait time

    5. Average Store Wait time: the average wait customers have in the past 7 days


In the Text tab, you can configure the message printed on the ticket. If you have multiple languages you can configure each independently (no automatic translations take place). 

You can utilise the placeholders available to dynamically add content for each customer, to find the placeholders available by clicking on the placeholders button


The customise tab is used to configure the look and feel of your ticket design. You can:

  1. Select a style template: Please ignore this

  2. Upload your company logo: replace the Qudini logo with your company logo printed at the top of each ticket

  3. Add a footer logo: if you want to add a secondary logo 

Click on Text to reveal:

  1. Change the font type: change the font style of the ticket, it is default set to Georgia. There are 12 fonts available to choose from

Once you have created your template, you MUST apply it to a Kiosk pairing - to find out how to do this click here

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