Creating an Event Topic

Event topics are the templates from which venues can create events. They are a great way of moderating the types of information shown and create brand consistency

To create a new Event Topic:

Please note, Events can only be managed through the Desktop

  1. Click on Events in the main banner bar
  2. Click on Topics in the navigation bar

In the Topics page you will see two areas:

  • Create a new topic

  • List of all existing topics

In the top part of the page you can create a new topic by completing the required information:

  1. Title: this will be used by stores to identify the topic. Customers will also see this title when booking into an event

  2. Detail: provide as much detail around the topic, this will automatically populate the event description

  3. Thumbnail image: this is the image associated with the topic and populates in the booking widgets. We recommend a landscape image for best quality

  4. Banner Image: this provides the header with a background, we recommend using solid colour or very simple images

  5. Icon and Colour: this sets the colour the topic shows as in the list and colours the action buttons during the booking journey

  1. Once completed press Create and the topic will be created

In order for stores to use your newly created Topic, you must assign it to an Event Series. If you have not created an Event Series yet, click here.

To assign your new topic to an Event Series:

  1. Click on All Future Events

  1. Find the event series you want to add the new event topic to and press Edit

  1. Under Available Topics use the dropdown to select which topics are available for this event series. A tick will appear next to the topics selected 

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Save Changes

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