Creating an Event Series

Creating an event series is a great way to separate various event topics and allow different stores or customers to access the content. To create a new event series follow this guide.

  1. Click on Events in the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on New Event series in the navigation menu

  1. In the creation page which is shown, fill in all mandatory sections, there are four in total:

    1. Event Details: this configures the main settings of the event series, for example what topics are available and which stores can use this series

    2. Event Booking Widget: this configures how the booking widget looks, use this to ensure the booking journey matches your companies branding

    3. Notifications: enable, disable and configure the various communications sent to customers

    4. Event Share settings: configure the event series sharing content

Event Details

  1. Event Name: the name of this event series

  2. Reply to email: the email associated with the event series, if a customer wanted to find out more information and replies to one of the communications. Leave blank to prevent customers from replying

  3. Available Topics: select which topics are visible in this event series

  4. Select a venue: select which venues are able to use this event series

  5. Various configurations: these configure how the venues are able to modify the event series and topics 

  6. Mandatory fields: configure here what information the customer is required to enter in order to book a place on an event.

Event Booking Widget

This is the page that customers will see when making bookings into your events. This can be modified using HEX codes to match your companies brand guidelines. 

Language Settings

Depending on your environment, you may have more that one language to configure for your event registrants.

  1. Click on language you wish to update and add the translations.
  2. Click save at the bottom.

This may take some time before updating on the Event Booking widget due to caching.

Tip: You can also update the English text in this way by editting EN language settings:


Here you can configure what communications are sent to customers when they book an event. There are various different types:

  • Settings Name: select an email template created for customers when they receive the confirmation and emails

  • Send Reminder email (hours before): enter the number of hours prior to the event you want to send an automated email reminder

You must enable each of the email communications to automatically send them to the customer. They are all set to off by default. 

  • SMS settings are also set to off by default. Toggle each SMS on to edit the content and automatically send these to customers

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